Virginie spent her entire childhood and adolescence dancing. At 24 years old she discovers Yoga, and later singing and sacred music as additional powerful tools to connect with the creative, feminine and maternal potential that all women have inside.

Passionate about accompanying women in their different life processes from the celebration of their bodies and the connection with the heart, she trained herself as a yoga teacher for all stages of life (gestation, childhood, adolescence, adults and seniors), and as a yoga-doula for the accompaniment of pregnancy-delivery and postpartum.


In my maternity classes, I merge yoga and dance movements with intuitive singing, along with doula and singing tools, to help you connect deeply with your body, bond with your baby, and embrace this transformative stage of your life. In my support as a yoga-doula, I invite you above all to listen to your baby’s heart and your heart, so that you can take decisions from a space of alignment with your needs.