Guided relaxation session


When I started to accompany women during maternity, I have observed that the most powerful tool a woman could use during this rite of passage is repetition of a certain high vibrational message that helps her to remind that this process is NATURAL and that HER BODY WAS MADE FOR THIS. Once baby was here, as she continues to connect back to her inner wisdom she would naturally know how to take care of herself and her baby.

So I started to offer to the women I accompany the audio of a relaxation we did together so she could tune to this vibration and relax herself again anytime and as many times as she needs, including as she births and breastfeed once baby is here.

As I saw the positive effects emerging from these practices I decided to make it an offering in itself for you to benefit fully and more deeply from it. Whether you are feeling exhausted, stressed, fearful, in a constant negative loop pattern or anxious, this type of session will energize you, calm your nervous system, develop your confidence in your body’s intelligence, create a new positive imprint in your subconscious mind, bring back your trust in life.

How does it work ?

The first part of the session will be dedicated to expressing your present needs, the next main part to the actual relaxation designed on the spot according to your needs and that I will record as we do it, and the last couples of minutes to your integration and questions with my full presence and support. I will then send the audio to your email for you to have it for life : this may be soothing for you as well as for you baby, as he/she will remember listening to it in your womb.

In a relaxation I use different techniques that I have learned and practiced personally for many years and from which I have deeply benefitted. I blend together body scan, different breathing techniques, 5 senses and withdrawal of the senses, positive affirmations and words of power, sound healing with my own voice and any instrument I feel would be soothing for you, and specific visualisations according to your needs.

This kind of session will be of great benefit for you during preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and for life if:

🌿you want to become a mother but you feel you first to release some deep fears to start this motherhood journey with peace and joy.

🌿you want to become a mother but you are having difficulties to become pregnant.

🌿you are pregnant and want to relax yourself deeply.

🌿you are pregnant and you are very much afraid of birth

🌿 you are pregnant and you want to prepare for an empowering birth.

🌿you just had your baby and need to restore your energy and soothe your nervous system in order to be more present then for your baby.

🌿you just had your baby and need to nurture and create a sacred and loving place for the woman in you.

🌿you just had your baby and you need some emotional support to support you during breastfeeding.

Price :

90 minutes : 70€

3 sessions of 90 minutes : 190€

Includes :

– an email exchange before to clarify your needs so that we can start directly with digging deeper when you arrive for the session.

– the chosen time duration online session

– follow-up email one week after to acknowledge how you feel