This workshop will offer you a brief anatomical and theoretical content and very simple and practical tools and relaxation practices to sustain yourself during labour and birth, with the use of natural deep breathing, positive affirmations, and vocalization. It will take place in a relaxed and intimate setting, and is directed to women and their partner for birth.

The objective is that both the woman and her birth partner/assistant are relaxed and prepared mentally, physically and emotionally to the waves of labour and birth, enabling the woman once in labor to be as active and present as possible, and facilitating an empowering birth experience.

“The more relaxed the mother is, the smoother and shorter is a delivery.”

My intention with this workshop is that, at the end of the 3 hours, you have integrated how to use your natural deep breathing, your voice, positive affirmations and adequate birthing positions for a greater presence, comfort and delivery during labor and birth.

Duration of the workshop: 3 hours.

Price : presencial : 55 EUR 1 person / 70 EUR 1 couple

online: 40 EUR 1 person / 55 EUR 1 couple

  • Natural deep breathing keeps the woman’s womb, placenta and baby fully oxygenated, the woman energized, and enables contractions to work better so that your baby can move down more freely.

  • The mouth and vagina are intimately connected: singing during labor creates a vibration that helps to relax and open the cervix so that your baby can come down more easily.

  • Singing helps to release endorphins and oxytocin in the body, which are the hormones of well-being and love.

  • The voice will give the woman a tool to support herself during uterine contractions.

  • Singing generates a natural relaxation of the nervous system and mind through sound vibrations.

  • Singing generates a natural hypnotic state in women that helps her get in tune with uterine contractions and calm down their intensity.

  • Singing allows the woman to be active and present during her labor, with herself and with her baby, so that they can work together as a team.

  • The use of positive affirmations based on personal needs will maintain the woman present and optimistic.

  • The use of adequate birthing positions and hip movements will help to accompany the uterine contractions and the lowering down of your baby.

It includes :

  • Paradigm shift around how we perceive labor and delivery through journaling our fears and apprehensions, creating our affirmations from words of power and visualizing yourself/and partner during birth and your most desired birth.

  • Introduction to the intimate relationship between the mouth and the vagina.

  • Introduction to deep breathing and breathing through the mouth.

  • Practice of vocalization and relaxation of the voice.

  • Sustaining yourself during the different waves of contractions.

  • Practical ways the partner can be present for the woman during labor and delivery.

  • Adequate birthing positions for more comfort and ease.

  • Deep meditation practices through breathing and vocalization.

  • An intimate and sustained atmosphere.

“What is in our hands is the place from which we birth our babies”

About the facilitator

Virginie is a perinatal yoga teacher, doula and musician. A few years ago she discovered the power of the voice as a powerful empowering tool in life. As she began to accompany motherhood, it became soon evident that the voice would be an important tool in this accompaniment. In the last years she explored with different singing teachers her own voice, and then studied the voice tool for childbirth with which she fell in love. She discovered how helpful it was for women in childbirth and decided to share it with as many women as possible.

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