Prenatal and postnatal yoga and singing with babies

Are you looking to prepare your body and mind for motherhood with serenity and confidence and recover physically, emotionally and mentally after delivery?

Beyond yoga, my classes are the opportunity to meet a community of women with whom you can grow on your way to becoming a mother. My yoga classes are aimed at women in the pregnancy period and mothers and fathers in the postpartum period with babies.

In pregnancy we focus the class on caring for your body, mind and spirit, creating a bond with your baby, and preparing for childbirth and postpartum. I merge yoga postures, with dance movements, meditations, visualization, deep breathing, vocalization, and exercises to keep your pelvic floor in good health and ensure its good recovery after delivery. In the postpartum we focus the class on the physical recovery of your body, and to create a stable bond with your baby through massages and yoga for your baby, songs, yoga postures to do with your baby, and more restorative postures to allow your body to recover after birth.

The classes will give you the opportunity to integrate practical tools of physical strengthening, emotional and mental self-regulation, and deep relaxation in your day to day and throughout this transformative stage of your life.

Each class is also guided by a theme related to motherhood that we work through asanas, pranayama, meditations and affirmations specifically chosen for the theme of the day and that is adapted to the needs of the group at the moment. It is a space created above all for us to support each other among women, and therefore do not hesitate to share your questions, doubts and personal issues, which will be of great inspiration for us to work on together in class.

Group classes

Perinatal yoga and kids yoga.

Classes in English, and can be adapted to Spanish and French.


9.30 – 10.30 prenatal yoga – My Happy Place

11.00 – 12.00 postnatal yoga – My Happy Place


17.30 – 19.00 prenatal yoga – Parc de Luxembourg*


15.30 – 16.30 kids yoga (6-11 yrs old) – My Happy Place


11.00 – 12.00 postnatal yoga – House of Yoga

16.00 – 17.00 prenatal yoga – House of Yoga


16.00 – 17.00 prenatal yoga – My Happy Place

Single class 20€*

Bonus for 4 classes: 60€ (valid 1 month)*

*these prices are indicated only for the classes to my account in the Parc de Luxembourg.

All other classes are paid directly at the Yoga Studio indicated next to each class.

My Happy Place – 10 Avenue du Bois, 1251 Luxembourg,

House of Yoga – 184 Route d’Arlon, 8010 Strassen,

Parc de Luxembourg – we meet 15 minutes before each class in front of the entrance of the Villa Vauban, at number 18, Avenue Emile Reuter, 2420 Luxembourg.

Let’s start?


Private classes

Prenatal, postnatal yoga and yoga nidra for deep relaxation

Classes in English, and can also be adapted in French and Spanish.

Do you prefer to receive a class adapted to your rhythm of life?
Do you want to deepen your yoga and meditation practice with a personalized accompaniment?
Do you have specific goals or needs?
In private classes, I will design sequences of postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation.
that respond to your individual needs and preferences.

1 individual session of 90 minutes: 65€
The price includes: 1 class, very personalized attention to implement at home.

In the comfort of your home.


Types of classes

Yoga supports the natural process of pregnancy with gentle stretching and fluid sequences of movements, and gradually prepares you and your baby to be born in a positive, nurturing and relaxed atmosphere. You will learn essential yoga relaxation and breathing techniques that will be practiced during pregnancy and used during labor. We also practice intuitive movement, singing, and vocalization as powerful tools to settle into your body, break through contractions at the time of delivery, and create a deep bond with your baby. We also compare practical information on care during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum.

A space to enjoy being a mother without forgetting to be a woman. Combination of postnatal yoga, yoga for your baby, playful and interactive yoga between you and your baby, intuitive dance movements, chanting of mantras and medicinal songs, facilitating the development of the baby, the recovery of the mother and the emotional bond between them. It is beneficial for babies from 2 to 18 months.

Yoga is a wonderful way for children to relax, increase their own awareness, that of others and the world, and be more confident, strong, balanced and healthy… All that through playing! Each class is animated with magical trips where they will meet animals, fly in a plane, walk in the clouds, or imitate the waves of the ocean … through creative yoga poses and games. They will also learn fun breathing and meditation exercises. They can expect lots of fun and laughter, as well as calmer, more relaxed moments.

A very old deep relaxation technique that allows to eliminate physical, mental and emotional tensions. What we call “the Nidra” is a state of conscious deep sleep where our body is totally relaxed and increasingly aware of our inner world. Yoga Nidra is an instrument of mental cleansing that will help us to turn our negative internal thoughts into positive ones, not to dramatize our life and if we do, to dramatize our interior. The sessions are created so that mothers can reprogram their minds towards a positive birth, and connect deeply with their babies.

Would you like me to give a yoga class or a special workshop/conference about motherhood in your center?

Contact me and I will send you the details of the topics I discuss in my classes.